All On 4 Dental Implants in Vaughan, ON

Replace Your Missing Teeth Permanently With This Revolutionary Procedure.

Preserve your health and put an end to bone loss with a simple, pain-free, one-day, procedure – All On 4 Dental implants.

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✔️   Fully Functioning Teeth In A Day

✔️   Feel Confident Again, Improve Your Smile & Wellbeing

✔️   Eat Foods Without Worrying

✔️   No More Health Issues With Gum or Bone Loss

✔️   Use Your New Teeth Instantly, Walk Out & Eat

✔️   They Last a Lifetime

✔️   Dentistry Sedation Procedure Available


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Having stable teeth will provide you the ability to chew and digest those hard to eat foods that our body needs, like vegetables. Don’t worry about “slipping” dentures, talk and smile with confidence again! Your quality of life will improve drastically.



All-On-Four Dental Implants will not slip out as they are secured in your jawbone.
Treat them like natural teeth, brush three times a day and floss daily.




The 4 implants will be directly inserted into your jawbone.
Your jawbone structure will therefore not be affected and will remain the same structure as before.


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    Yes, we offer financial support to those who wish to receive it. We understand that your health is your number one concern and we want to fulfill that for you.

    The majority of people are able to eat what they’d like after surgery. Some people may need to watch what they eat in the first couple of days, while they get used to it.

    They are brand new teeth, treat them like so! Brush them 2-3 times per day as you normally would. Visit a dentist twice a year to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

    Most people would agree that the surgery is not painful. Any discomfort will usually subside after 56 hours.