What Food is Bad For My Teeth?

There are several common bad foods for your teeth, some of which are known, and some of which are not so much known. Most commonly, bad foods are cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate, or anything that is high in sugar. Hard food, such as candy canes, popcorn kernels, lollipops, and jawbreakers can also chip your teeth, causing discomfort and pain, which may lead to a bigger problem. So far we have mentioned “junk foods” only, but you would be surprised what some healthy food could do to your teeth.

1. Fruit

Some fruits, especially the ones that are very acidic can erode your teeth enamel. Over time, your teeth may be more susceptible to decay over time. A simple squeeze of lemon or lime may help shred off pounds, but they will also hurt your teeth. Citrus fruits also give mouth sores if you have enough, so be sure to balance it out with plenty of water.

2. Corn on the cob

We know, probably one of your summer time favourites, but corn doesn’t let your teeth stay in one piece. Biting into a corn on the cob can damage your teeth, especially if they are already loose. We have had experiences where biting into the corn can crack fillings and sealants, or break the wiring of your braces. If you have dentures, biting a corn can dislodge them. We highly recommend that you cut off the corn from the cob before eating it. Your teeth will say THANK YOU!

3. The Weekday Breakfast Special

In the morning, it is so convenient to have a PB&J sandwich, though, your teeth will not thank you. These sandwiches are high in sugar content, and they are both sticky. Sticky substances allow bacteria to adhere to your teeth. Be sure to brush after you eat breakfast if you are having a PB&J sandwich.

4. Dried Fruits

Raisins, figs, and dried apricots are among the worst 3 dried fruits, though they are bursting with nutrition and great for you. These fruits have tons of sugar and non-soluble fibre, which will end up in and around your teeth. If you are contemplating any of these, it is always better to eat the fresh fruit instead of the dry one.

5. Crackers

Crackers contain refined carbohydrates which convert to sugar when in the mouth. The sugar will lodge in your teeth and create a platform for cavity forming bacterias in your mouth. If you have your crackers in soup, they will become mushy and can build up in your molars or in between teeth, also being a facilitator for cavities.

So what should you be eating?

According to Colgate, dairies such as Cheese and yogurt are great. Leafy greens typically make this list because of the health benefits and the fact they are very low (if at all) in sugar and calories.

Foods that are great for your teeth typically contain a high amount of calcium, which builds your tooth enamel. Additionally, great foods may contain common things like: folic acid, vitamin B and D, and Fibre.

Your teeth are important, treat them like you treat the rest of your body!