Wisdom Teeth: 6 Facts That You Must Know

Wisdom teeth problems are completely unavoidable and natural. If you are feeling pain in the mouth, it could be because of your wisdom teeth. We compiled a list of 6 Wisdom Teeth Facts you should know about for you and your Kids.

6 Wisdom Teeth Must Knows that will Help Your Kids Avoid Unnecessary Wisdom Teeth Pain

1. What are wisdom teeth? and why should I care?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are located at the rear of your child’s mouth, and are the last to form, or erupt, typically from ages 13-21 (“the age of wisdom”). Wisdom teeth, even unseen can become trapped below the gum line, impact and shift other molars, and cause infection which can spread throughout the body.

2. Must they always be removed?

No. Early examination is best to identify if you have wisdom teeth — and if so, determine the idea time for removal, to avoid more serious problems later. 35% of people will learn they don’t have wisdom teeth and have nothing to worry about.

3. How do I know if they need to be removed?

Book your FREE examination with our clinic so we can determine if you have wisdom teeth and if so, the best time for removal. If you currently have discomfort, like irritated gums, jaw pain or inflammation, make an appointment ASAP to avoid further issues.

4. At what age should wisdom teeth be removed?

Wisdom teeth are typically removed during the early to mid-teen years. Book your FREE examination for your children — early removal is the easiest!

5. How are the teeth best removed?

Surgery is best performed by a trained and experienced Dental Surgeon. Your child’s comfort is our greatest concern. We use local and/or general anesthetics and then extract the wisdom tooth by making a minor incision, closed with the latest micro-stitches for rapid healing.

6. What is the recovery time?

Swelling and discomfort will be highest in the first 6-8 hours, subsiding after 1-3 days. Ice packs, pain medication and ice cream, shakes and smoothies (YAY!) help to aid in a smooth recovery.


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