Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Wisdom teeth are third molars that develop in the teenage years.

Most people do not have enough room in their jaw for these teeth and as a result, they remain stuck under the gum or partially under the gum (impacted).

It is best to extract these teeth during the teenage years before the roots and surrounding bone fully develop.

Wisdom teeth are extracted for the following reasons:

  1. Impacted – no room to grow in the mouth.
  2. Pain or preventing pain
  3. Infection with and without swelling
  4. Decay, plaque or tartar – unable to keep clean
  5. May be recommended by the orthodontist
  6. Periodontal bone loss (gum disease)
  7. Damage to the second molar tooth in front of the wisdom tooth

It is common for patients to have their wisdom teeth removed while they are asleep. This is all discussed during a consultation visit.