Dental Emergencies

Same day appointments are offered to manage dental emergencies.

Please contact the office immediately.

The following dental emergencies are commonly treated:

1. Pain or toothache

2. Chipped or broken tooth

If you have the broken piece of tooth, it can be attached to your tooth. Keep it moist in your own saliva or milk

3. Loose tooth

4. Lost filling

5. Lost crown or bridge

6. Food stuck in between the teeth or under the gums

7. Infection (with and without pus) and swelling (dental abscess)

8. Wisdom tooth pain, infection and swelling

9. Knocked out tooth (Avulsed)

Teeth that are knocked out due to trauma should be placed back into the socket if you know the correct position. This may be difficult and painful so place the avulsed tooth under your tongue, at the side of your cheek or in water or milk to keep it hydrated. The tooth will have the best outcome if re-implanted within 2 hours.

10. TMJ pain, “locked jaw”

11. Denture irritation and loose dentures

12. Bleeding gums