Wisdom teeth are third molars that develop in the teenage years. Most people do not have […]
Dental decay (cavities) is drilled to remove the infected tooth structure. The preparations are then filled […]
Crowns (caps) are indicated for teeth that have extensive damage from fracture(s), decay, have large fillings, […]
Root canal treatment is done when the nerve in the tooth is inflamed with infection (irreversible […]
Tooth whitening is done to lighten the shade of your teeth and brighten your smile. There […]
Teeth are cleaned by scaling and/or root planing. This is done to remove plaque and tartar […]
Complete or partial dentures are plastic/composite teeth or porcelain teeth in an acrylic base formed to […]
When should you bring your child to the dentist? Your child’s first dental visit should be […]
Same day appointments are offered to manage dental emergencies. Please contact the office immediately. The following […]
Implants are titanium “dental roots” used to replace missing teeth. They have been a treatment option […]